From Mile Zero...

In the heart of India, its villages, we have observed a distinct change in the way traditional artisans earned their living. They are moving away from the ancestral crafts or forte that they were trained in, to jobs that were menial but the security of the fixed monthly income is enticing enough to continue with it. On the other hand, handicrafts are sold at exorbitant prices and thus pricing out a middle-class buyer who is interested in the craft. CRAFTRIBUTE was born from the seed of this thought and is driven by our love for the handcrafted. We believe that wider patronage is the only hope for handicrafts industry to survive the battle with the mass manufactured products and massive marketing machinery which is driving us towards consumerism.

What started as a passion project of empowering artisans across India, is now a socially responsible venture “CRAFTRIBUTE! Inspired by a generation that is still deeply connected with their roots. Every step on the way, meeting artisans from nooks and corners of India and getting to know them has become highlight of our story.

Each handmade piece of art is as unique as each person in the world. Buying handmade supports not only the artisans but the entire eco system of communities who are engaged in related activities. Local communities can continue to live a life connected to their traditions and roots.
Together with our patrons and well wishers we want to create a society, where artisans and their talent are respected and celebrated and the next generation is able to take up these activities with pride and a smile!
In addition to the responsible procurement, Craftribute is committed to extend 5% of its earnings for the welfare of the artisans and continuity of the art form.

Our Vision

Craftribute to resonate respect & revival of local crafts
It is not just a market place but a movement
(Movement to revive crafts; respect & prosperity for artisans; Design & Dialogue Center for artisans and customers)

Our Mission

Through our brand Craftribute®, we want to make responsibly procured beautiful handcrafted products available to a wider section of the society, so these rich traditions of crafts are not at the mercy of a select few.