Gond Painting - 7 Peacocks (with frame)

Gond Painting - 7 Peacocks (with frame)

Rs. 10,000.00
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This beautiful painting on canvas is depiction of life from a Gond Artist's perspective where mother nature is not just in the background of human life but plays out a central role. 
A mount with beautiful 'Khun' fabric  (traditional weave from Maharashtra) not only makes the painting stand out but also provides the contract to the white frame.


Width: 40.5 cm (55.5 with frame)
Length: 57.5 cm (73 cm with frame) 

Named after its creators, 'Gond Paintings' are expression of 'Gond Tribe', one of the ancient most tribes in central India. Traditionally these drawings were made on the house walls and natural colours were used. Today, a more contemporary expression on paper or canvas with bright colours have made this art famous and sought after across the world. 

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