Gifting is an essential part of business as well as our life! We give gifts to express our love, as well as our gratitude!!
Gifts we choose are a reflection of where we come from and what we believe in!

Craftribute is proud to present a range of responsible gifting choices which are hand picked and can be personalized for you!
When you choose any of these, it will not only create a lasting impression in mind of your loved ones but also bring a smile on the
artisan’s face who put their heart and soul into the making process!

Spread the Joy of Responsible Gifting!

We invite you to be part of the community of individuals/ institutions making sustainable choices that contribute towards making these rich handicraft tractions flourish once again!

There is no minimum quantity, as loved ones and handcrafted products are not made in bulk!!

Let us know about your special occasion and we will curate gifts that will make it even more special!