About Us

Being Indians, we love to buy gifts for our friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and we do it on numerous occasions throughout the year. What if this joy of gifting could also bring a smile on face of the artisan and his family? What if this conscious choice encourages the next generation of the artisans to take up this trade willingly and make a decent living out of it? 

Through our brand Craftribute®, we want to make responsibly procured beautiful handcrafted products available to a wider section of the society, so these rich traditions of crafts are not at the mercy of a select few. A wider patronage is not just about gaining economic support but winning hearts of the society and restoring the glory of these rich traditions.

In addition to the responsible procurement, Craftribute Art & Decor is committed to extend 5% of its earnings for the welfare of the artisans and continuity of the art form.

Let's bring back the handcrafted products in our everyday life.