Magnetic Tangram Puzzle with Warli designs

Magnetic Tangram Puzzle with Warli designs

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This product is inspired from beautiful Warli art, which is native to my district in state of Maharashtra, India. Traditionally these paintings are done by tribal people on the mud walls using rice paste. The drawings are done free hand and depict day to day life, surroundings and celebrations. The paintings are done by a warli artist and earning from the same will be used for the promotion of the art form.

It's a 8 piece DIY (Do It Yourself) Home Decor Product in 4 vibrant colors. Each piece depicts one of the most popular tribal art from India known as 'Warli' (which is also the name of the tribe).

Each piece has a magnetic base, which can be easily stuck on magnetic boards, magnetic walls or any iron surface. You can make shapes of fish, boat, turtle, peacock, horseman, Kung Fu poses and hundreds of other shapes. Turn your wall or office desk into a canvas and unleash your creativity!

Total 8 wooden pieces with Warli paintings.
Each piece has magnetic base.
Available in 2 sizes.
Small Size: Can be arranged in square shape, 15 cm x 15 cm
Large Size: Can be arranged in square shape, 30 cm x 30 cm

As these are handcrafted products, there could be slight variation in colors, size or the design of the actual product from the one displayed in the store.
While we try our best to give you products that are very close to what you see in the store, kindly be cognizant of this fact and enjoy the unique product crafted just for you!

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