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While large Indian cities are becoming more western than the west, and many of us are losing touch with our traditions, a large section of our society, mostly in the hinterlands of India is still holding on to them. The crafts and the weaves they inherited from their forefathers are not just a means to earn livelihood but they mirror who they are, their beliefs and their way of life!

We are engaged with more than twenty master artisans practicing fifteen crafts from ten states of India. Through our master artisans, we are connected to hundreds of talented men and women engaged in these crafts.

We are committed to sustainability of these rich traditions and also the wellbeing of the craft community engaged in these practices.

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Hampers curated with Love!

Craftribute is proud to present a range of responsible gifting choices and gift hampers which are hand picked and can be personalised!

When you choose any of these, it will not only create a lasting impression on your loved ones but also bring a smile on the artisans' face who have put their heart and soul into the making process!


This year i decided to give something different to my clients for corporate gifting. For this i contacted, Ashwini. Her company Craftribute is a curator of high quality authentic handicrafts. They source the handicrafts straight from the artisans. The best part is they give back a part of the profits to help the artisans sustain their trades. I bought some paper mache boxes for visiting cards. I am really happy to say that all my clients loved them and they have these boxes on their tables now. So they remember me everyday and give me orders. Thank you Ashwini for the wonderful work you do for the artisans and the products you give.

Pankaj Pitale

MD, Thoron Turnkey Solutions!

My name is Mahalakshmi and I am the Managing Partner of Antal International, a global recruitment business into mid-senior hires. We often gift our friends, customers and contacts- however, i always prefer to gift something that will also enhance people's livelihoods while spreading joy among the receivers. And I found my answer in Craftribute- so lovingly curated by Ashwini Joglekar. Its such a joy to know that you are actually supporting an artisan each time you decide to spend on a gift. I have been a fan of Craftribute- right from the choice of name to its well thought-out range of products- Accessories, Lamps, Stationery- each one has that undelible stamp of an artisan- each product is handmade- which embellishes its uniqueness. Even the packaging comes in eco-friendly material. All in all- everything carefully curated. I am going to be certainly recommending Craftribute to my circles! Upwards and onwards- Craftribute!

Mahalakshmi Subramanian

Managing partner, Antal International

Craftribute is truly a tribute to our Indian culture and art. I have been gifting some traditional torans, hand painted dupattas and notebooks made of natural paper. It is hard to miss the joy and warmth they feel on receiving something that reflects their roots and culture. It definitely brings us closer together. Thank you craftribute and keep up the great work!

Dr. Karishma Keswani

Rise Network