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Starting a new journey

Ashwini Joglekar |

So far, I was under the impression, or rather misconception that I know my country. Well how can I not know it? I’ve been born and brought up here, travelled to major cities and tourist destinations across the country (what if it was few years back in my school days…) but now I’m in touch with it through the latest travel shows on the lifestyle channels and off course the internet.

Trip to the southern cities of Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram and Pudducherry in December 2015 was pivotal in changing my perspective. It was a strange feeling of finding comfort of belongingness and connectivity despite the unknown language but at the same time being disconnected with the realities of the locals. It awakened a new thirst of travelling throughout the country and have a closer look at India and its people.

Through Craftribute, I’m stepping out to work with the artisans who have kept crafts and art forms alive and passed them onto the next generation as their life mission; I’m also onto a journey to make sense of something so vast and intangible which is part of me but still seems so unfamiliar and distant.

Hoping to touch the very core which has bound a billion people over thousands of years and capture the its essence as ‘pinch of India’.

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