Handmade Paper Notebook – Paisley design

Handmade paper notebook (Vahi) with delicate floral design. Notebook is made from 100% recycled, tree-free paper.
The notebook comes with a tie around string.

Pages:48, Blank
Cover: Fabric
Paper Type: Recycled handmade paper
Dimensions: 7"x5"x0.75"

About The Craft

Invention of paper is one of the turning points in the history of humanity as it made capturing of our thoughts and emotions very easy compared to carving in the stones or writing on the leaves. While industrial paper is made by cutting trees, causing environmental concerns, handmade paper made from recycled cloth and paper rags is a tree free and eco-friendly alternative which is sustainable and also generates employment for the semi-skilled population. With recycled handmade paper notebooks you can express your emotions without feeling guilty about damaging the environment.

Product Care

Avoid contact with direct sunlight and water.

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