Handloom Red & Black Geometric Pattern Cushion Cover

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If you love the rhythm of geometry, then symmetry in this design and classic Red & Black combination will simply enchant your mind!
Backside with alternate red, black, and stripes is equally attractive. Due to very fine stitching & finishing, front and back designs can be used alternatively to create interesting patterns.
White yarn used is unbleached, hence has a natural off white/ cream tone.

Size: 16″ x 16″

Backstrap Weaving

Backstrap weaving is one of the early versions of weaving that is commonly used in various cultures around the world. The backstrap loom, also known as Loin loom in certain parts of the world, is a lightweight, mobile loom made of wood and a strap that is wrapped around the back. It only needed to be attached to a table or a tree or a post for stability and to provide tension. This loom is predominantly used by women weavers in the seven north-eastern states of India. Because the strap is wrapped around the back, usually fabrics of maximum width of 22 inches can be woven. Backstrap looms offer a lot of flexibility in replicating abstract geometric patterns and usage of colours in the weft leading to eye-catching patterns.

Product Care

Dry Clean is recommended for longevity.
Hand wash with soft detergent.
Do not use brush.
After first wash the fabric may shrink upto .25 inches