Tumba (Bottle Gourd Shell) Lamp – Flowers

Traditional practice of creating containers from dried gourds taken to the next level by ingenious talented tribal artists from Bastar, Chhattisgarh. This lamp shade is not only eco friendly and sustainable but add a unique touch to your home!

Material: Dried bottle Gourd Shell
Length: approx. 25 cm
Opening: 9 cm (Diameter)

About Tumba

Tumba literally means bottle gourd! Tumba Art is an extension of the ancient practice of making containers (Kamandals) out of dried bottle gourds. Ingenious tribal artists from Bastar, Chhattisgarh have taken this practice to the next level by carving out beautiful designs in the dried shell of the bottle gourd! Entire process of growing the bottle gourds, drying it on the plant and making artefacts out of it takes around 8-10 months! While one gets a slender bottle gourd in most parts of India, Bastar has some indigenous species which grow bigger than a fully grown human head. Each gourd has a unique shape, so is the end product! Enjoy the beautiful combination of nature’s creation and human genius!

Product Care

Usage Instructions: 1. As the lamp is made from dried bottle gourd shell, it’s sensitive to heat. 2. A higher wattage tungsten bulb will create beautiful shadows; but make sure that the bulb does not touch the shell or the opening is not covered. As excessive heat may burn the lamp shell. 3. For continuous usage, an LED bulb that generates lower heat is highly recommended.

Care Instructions: Avoid direct exposure to direct sunlight, water and moisture. Continuous exposure to humidity or moisture (especially during the rainy season) may cause formation of fungus. Do not panic. This is an organic material. Clean the lamp with soft dry cloth. A thin coat of varnish and turpentine mixture will make it look brand new once again! If you are keeping it packed for some time, please keep silica gel pouches in the box. Lighting up the bulb regularly will help keeping the fungus at bay.

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Smitten by Gourds!

Be ready to be mesmerised by the play of light & shadows!


What is Tumba Art?

Tumba means Bottle Gourd/ Lauki/Dudhi. It's an ancient practice to create container (Kamandal) from the shell of a dried bottle gourd. Tumba Art is the contemporary form of this craft wherin talented tribal artisans from Chhattisgarh are making beautiful lamp shades from the hollowed bottle gourds.

Is this an eco-friendly product?

Tumba Lamps are made from the dried bottle gourds. It's 100% bio degradable and eco-friendly.

Will I get what I see on the web site?

Each Tumba Lamp listed on our store is unique and has been photographed individually. There is only one piece of its kind; hence you will get the same piece what you see on the site.

Can I return the product?

If you receive a wrong/ defective product, we will happily replace it for you. Please refer to our Returns & Refunds guidelines for further details.